Soul of Vellamo Mermaids in Finnish Mythology

Niina Niskanen
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Soul of Vellamo - Online Lecture Series

Soul of Vellamo is a dive into mermaid legends and lore in Finnish mythology. In this course we will go through the most important sea deities in Finnish mythology. What was the importance of water and what kind of rituals people did to please the water spirits. We shall also discuss about the fear of water and water demons. How person could protect themselves from them and how sometimes even friendships were born between humans and the merfolk.

We will familiarize ourselves with the mermaid imagery and how it was different in western and eastern parts of Finland. For those of you thinking of doing some traveling in Finland in the future you will get some handful tips where to find Finnish mermaids and how they can be spotted in Finnish culture and art history. 

Course goes through the relationship towards water and the water deities all the way from stone age to modern day Finland. How influences from Scandinavian and Slavic folklore effected to the mermaid stories told in Finland and what impact Hans Christian Andersen´s "Little Mermaid" had to Finnish mermaid stories and imagery.

The course includes 40 minutes of video material.  The lecture includes: 

- Wishing wells and sacred waters 

- Worship and symbols of the sea god Ahti

- Myths and legends about the goddess Vellamo and Veden Emä 

- Sea Monsters such as Iku-Turso

- Mermaid legends

- Creatures such as Vetehinen, Hiisi and Koskenhaltia and other water spirits

- Näkki, the trickster and Scandinavian influences

- Examples of Mermaid imagery in Finnish art history and culture.

  • 40 minutes of video material!
  • List of Finnish sea spirits
  • 40 minutes of video material!
  • List of Finnish sea spirits
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Soul of Vellamo Mermaids in Finnish Mythology

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